Bandar Foods

Our Story

Growing up in Mumbai, Lalit loved learning his mother's favorite recipes

And ever since Dan was a young boy, he always had an interest in spicy food.

The two became close friends in school

Then one day when visiting the chutney aisle at a local Indian store...

They realized these chutneys were delicious, but looked so odd. Why would Americans choose to eat these amazing flavors...when they looked like this?

So they started playing around with their own recipes to create the world's first squeezable chutney. Something that everyone could enjoy!

And people loved them!

And we tested even more...

And people loved them even more!

So, we created the first prototype bottles of the world's first squeezable chutneys.

And we launched on Kickstarter - with this video:

And somehow successfully shipped out packages for the over 1000 people who supported us (thanks Mom and Dad for helping to send these out!)

And then we started to get the word out about Bandar at tradeshows...

... and wherever else we could.

Since then, we've worked on refining our brand...

And added new tasty snacks to our lineup!

Which we've tested like crazy to assure they were delicious...

And people seem to love them!

Moving forward, we remain focused on how to bring Indian flavor to innovative and new eating experiences.

Thank you so much for being part of this journey - we love you all!

And so to reward you... here's an embarassing pic of Lalit ;)