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  • Bandar Foods in Bangalore
  • Post author
    Siddharth Gadodia

Bandar Foods in Bangalore

Bandar Foods in Bangalore

At every trip to the supermarket, how one wishes we could pick up chutney too.

The day may not be far as a Mumbai-based company has come out with a range of chutneys that one can pick off the shelves. Yes, you heard that right!

After an extensive research, Bandar Foods has come out with five varieties of chutneys that suit every palate – from slightly sweet, tangy, salty, bitter and spicy.

“When it comes to Indian Chutneys, we don’t have any packaged brand that’s available. Even for Indians living abroad, who crave for such chutneys, commonly available sauces are Pesto, Mayonnaise, BBQ, Mustard, Chipotle, Garlic Pepper, Tabasco or Jalapeno based,” says Priyanshu Tyagi, Brand Manager, Bandar Foods.

The company spent plenty of time experimenting and has come out with Mint Cilantro and Spicy Mango chilli sauces, dipping sauces in Tangy Tamarind and Sweet Mango flavours and Chilli Garlic, a hot sauce.

“All of them are vegan, gluten-free and contain no artificial flavours. They have been certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI),” adds Tyagi.

Bandar Foods showcased these varieties recently at the Fast Food and Café Convention in Bangalore that was hosted by NDTV Food.

Mint Cilantro – Chilly Sauce:

The main ingredients of this chutney include Mint Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Lime Juice, Green Chilli, Split Bengal Gram & Corn Starch. It is zesty, herbaceous and spicy. It can be used to flavour Tacos, Sandwiches and Naans.

Tangy Tamarind – Dipping Sauce:

It contains Cane Sugar, Tamarind, Cumin, Dried Ginger & Red Chilli.  This is like the Indian equivalent to a BBQ sauce and is sweet and fruity. It can be used as a BBQ sauce and had with grilled cheese, samosas and fries.

Chilli Garlic – Hot Sauce:

The main ingredients of this chutney include Dried Chillies, Cane Sugar, Garlic, Vinegar & Corn starch. It is spicy, aromatic and smooth. It can be served as a hot sauce on burritos, eggs, chilli and grilled meats.

Spicy Mango – Chilli Sauce:

This flavour is made of Mango, Green Chilli, Mixed Spices (Chilli Powder, Yellow Mustard, Fenugreek, Asafoetida), Sunflower Oil and Cilantro Leaves.  It has a savoury, tangy & spicy flavour and used as a condiment on samosas, wings, eggs and Bloody Marry too.

Sweet Mango – Dipping Sauce:

This contains Cane Sugar, Mango, Citric Acid and Chilli Powder.  The sweet, fruity and vibrant flavour can be paired with cheese, sandwiches, lamb and duck as a dipping sauce.

All these five flavours can be tried with desi and home-made food such as upma, dosas, idlis, paranthas, chapatis, paddu, toast breads and more according to individual taste.

Bandar Foods was started by two food lovers, Dan and Lalith, in Mumbai in 2013.  From their growing years, they both loved mom’s recipes and eating spicy food. Bandar Foods was born after they realized there were limited options in supermarkets for Indian Chutneys.

The brand is now available abroad as well as in India and has a shelf-life of 18 months. Currently, it can be ordered online but soon will be available at supermarkets, adds Tyagi.

  • Post author
    Siddharth Gadodia